We are not a maternity home. You cannot live here while you are pregnant.

Admission criteria:
· Are you a mother age 18 or over raising the child(ren) by yourself?
· Do you have one or two children under 3 years of age?
· Are you commited to going to school and working?
· If addicted, have you been drug and alcohol free for 1 year?
· Will you agree to periodic & random drug testing?
· For the safety of all residents, you cannot currently be in a threatening

If accepted, you will have your own furnished one bedroom apartment
with a kitchen. Caseworkers are in the office during the day to provide
guidance and assistance.

In your two years here, you will work toward self-sufficiency by:
· Attending Life Skills Classes including but not limited to parenting, self-esteem, nutrition and budgeting
· Participating in individual and group counseling
· Enrolling in and attending school/job training for a specific goal
· Seeking and maintaining full/part-time employment
· Attending house meetings
· Accepting communal responsibilities of everyday living, i.e. picking up and cleaning of common areas
· Paying a $300 a month program fee
Obeying house rules and regulations

A Program of Catholic Charities,
Diocese of Venice, Inc.
Helping Mother's Help Themselves
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